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June 11th, 2009

09:58 pm - Intro: Our Intrepid Hero(?) Ventures Into Civilization
He'd spent an hour trying to shift into his darker half's body with only a migraine to show for it. The three hours after that were spent arguing with the Marauder about why he wasn't going to dismiss his spells and fly using his own wings. At least no one had been around to see the blonde half-god yelling at himself as he walked, smacking the end of his quarter staff into the ground to punctuate. Not that it would have been particularly embarrassing; he just knew that it would make a bad first impression.

By the time he reached town the beast in his head had settled enough for him to figure out that none of his teleportation spells were working. Neither were his summoning magics, which put him off more. His cell phone had blinked 'No Signal' for a while before its battery ran out of power. He kept it, in the vain hope that it would suddenly start working again.

He was in a strange place, with no contacts and probably no currency that would be accepted. Just like old times.

Either way, he figured his best bet would be to head for the middle of the city. There would be people with answers there, and that would be as good of a start as any, right?

((Post is open to all comers!))

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June 2nd, 2009

02:04 am - Intro post: Wherein the angel is ...baffled.

There’s a man walking down a quiet backstreet in the town.  He’s no idea where he is, but has already established several things.

This is most certainly not Odukus Three for starters.

His temporal teleport and the spare are both dead.  He can’t even make the jump back to his homeworld. Neither can he use his natural ability to get anywhere remotely useful.  After trying three times, and manifesting a metre above the ground each time, Phoenix is dusty and a touch pissed off with attempting it.  On top of that, there are several other things he’s discovered he can’t do, so all he can hope right now, is that the system has tracked him and someone is on their way with a functioning device.

As far as the angel can tell as he wanders along, there’s nobody about, there’s nothing much but run-down buildings and trash blowing about the place, no people in the immediate vicinity and no transport.  Phoenix rubs at his hair pondering the dilemma. 

Looks like he’s walking then.

((ooc: Open post, all welcome))

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May 28th, 2009

06:43 pm

Why was it so cold? That was the first thought that came to him as slowly- uncomfortably- he came back to consciousness. Why was it so damn cold?

Kei groaned, put a hand over his eyes and rolled onto his side, hiding his face as much as possible. It was too bright for the kind of headache he had. He hadn’t felt this terrible since he’d challenged his old man to a drinking contest and lost spectacularly. Speaking of which, where was the bum? His father always woke him up in the mornings. Maybe it was early. It had to be that- why else would it be so cold and why else was no one else around?

It was then that he noticed the smell. The dusty, earthy haze of the desert he had lived in all his life was gone, replaced by something different, something very unfamiliar. Kei snapped upright, twisting around drunkenly and squinting in the bright sunlight.

“Okay, what the he-?” he froze and wished he hadn’t sat up at all.

It didn’t look like any town he knew- there were stones on the road for one thing and lots of buildings. He was used to dirt paths and rickety old saloons. But, truthfully, he wasn’t exactly making detailed notes on architecture. He was too focused on one extremely worrying point- he had no idea where he was.

Kei scrambled to his feet and tried to pick his jaw off the ground. This definitely, definitely was not good. If it was a joke it wasn’t a very funny one. He swallowed, pressing a hand to his forehead. “Th-this can’t be happening to me…” he said hoarsely, “This can’t be happening.”

As much as he said it, he knew it was happening and he had to get used to it. So, chin up, chest up, swaggering on full, Kei took a deep breath. He may have been a fish out of water but he sure as hell didn’t want to look like one. No way  was he going to look vulnerable. Hah! The word wasn't in his vocabulary. The only thing left to do was stop shaking.

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May 27th, 2009

02:10 pm - in which Lezard Valeth awakens, and regrets doing so
Where? Who? What?

With awareness came disorientation. Where am I? Awareness was pain first, not even an understanding what hurt or why, only pain. It hurt, something hurt, that was all he knew. It -- he -- hurt like someone had tied him to a carriage hitch and dragged him down a cobbled road.

He knew who he was, of course. That wasn't a pressing concern. Only thing was, he ought not to hurt this badly. Groaning, he flung a hand reflexively over his face to dim the brightness that beat crimson through eyelids shut tight. The scuffed leather of his glove was excruciatingly rough against a bruised cheekbone; wincing, he dropped his hand, resigning himself to the sun. This would not do --

ugh. With his other hand, he fumbled in his cloak for the magic wand he knew was there. He didn't need the wand to cast spells, but it amplified and channeled sorcerous energy. It would help him do what he needed to do. Dematerialize. Reconstitute a body in better shape than this one.

The wand was there but dead. Nothing happened. He was body-bound. He had not been bound to a single body for years, much less one in this appalling condition. He cursed extravagantly, except it all came out as a near-voiceless croak, and for all that, the profanity was not even satisfying. It simply made clear to him just how dry his mouth was, and how pained his throat, as though he'd been shouting for hours. Shouting and laughing and chanting vile incantations ... because, of course, he had been ...

It was then that he remembered almost everything. Not the important parts, clearly.

Gingerly, he opened his eyes to a blurry sky, circled by blurry rooftops. Everything blurred. His glasses were broken. He realized his discomfort was being compounded by the stones that dug into his back; his cloak provided inadequate padding indeed against the surface of what was, in fact, a road.

He was profoundly uncomfortable and profoundly unhappy. And he was Lezard Valeth, greatest mage of his generation, perhaps greatest mage in all history, lying like an exhausted dog in the middle of the road. The sheer injustice of it all just made him that much more exhausted. He shut his eyes again.

He'd move in ... just a moment. After he tried to rest.

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May 26th, 2009

07:01 pm - The Silver Eye: Opening Post BBQ!!
It was the anniversary of the Silver Eye's opening and as usual Theo threw a party. He'd forgotten how long the Silver Eye had been open, but everyone liked a good party and this was a good enough excuse to throw one. It took some effort, even for a demi-god, but in the end it he always enjoyed the results.

Tables were set up outside in what used to be the parking lot as well as the grill. The buffet line stretched out with room for lots of food: everything from six different kinds of salads to thirty different desserts. Theo wanted a large variety to keep everyone happy.

Wearing a "beware the chef's wife" apron, he stands behind the grill and watches.

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May 27th, 2009

12:47 am - Introducing...
...a very, very confused young woman.

Okay. Normally when things go wrong for angels on a mission, they forget who they are and get picked up by the Agency so they can recuperate. But Mel is a) fairly sure of who she is, b) visible (highly worrying), and c) as far as she can tell, unable to contact the Agency.

She's in a town--okay, well, that's good, she's an urban girl--and there's a building up ahead.

'Lights and people,' she tells herself, shaking her hair back. 'I have to be where there are lights and people.'

She doesn't know about the people, so much, but she walks to the--bar? Okay--shouldering her bag close to her. Mel clears her throat, pulls her jacket closer around herself, and pushes the door open.

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April 14th, 2009

08:18 pm - Cleaning House. First Post!!!
The Silver Eye is a bar in a building that used to be a fast food joint. Theo found it, fixed it up some and tried to remove some of the glitter. The glitter bothered him for some reason. But in any case, he chose it because it had everything he needed to run a bar without having to build it from scratch and it cleaned easily.

Theo himself -tall with a crooked nose and silver eyes - is alone behind the bar today. Ori is out somewhere collecting things that probably explode. He's not too worried. Besides, it's been quiet in God's Square lately. The only excitement a few days ago when Orion showed up and took a boy with him. Which wasn't that exciting in the long run. Orion did do that occasionally.

So, he cleaned the bar and checked on the supplies and watched the few patrons.
Current Location: the Silver Eye
Current Mood: calm

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